meredith hamilton
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About Meredith Hamilton

I have always been a person who makes things. Since I was a young child, I have painted, drawn, stitched and built things. My recent work is simple and quiet. I am interested in conveying complicated emotions with simple drawings. The little creatures and objects that I draw are part of something more. Part of a story, part of a small world.

Encaustic PaintingInfluences
I have two children, and a lot of my work is about life with them, and my memories of growing up. My work often appeals to people with children, and to kids themselves, which I love.

My art is influenced by the spontaneous drawings of children. I use the visual vocabulary of child art, the monsters, aliens, and little people with their arms and legs coming right out of their heads. I love putting those characters into complex emotional situations, and portraying their feelings and relationships with simple lines in wax and pigment.

Encaustic PaintingLately I have been working mostly in encaustic, which is beeswax mixed with a bit of tree resin for strength and pigments for color. I love working in this medium. It smells delicious. It's ancient and tricky and fun. I can build up many translucent layers of color that give the work an extra something (learn more about encaustic by viewing a work in progress).

I work with local beeswax and often with salvaged wood that I save from becoming garbage. This part of the work is really important to me.


Gallery Résumé

2004 Art Anti-Auction Roshambo Gallery, Healdsburg CA
  3 Woman Show Moxie, Santa Rosa, CA
  Compound 21 Holiday San Francisco, CA
  Day of the Dead Boomerang, Petaluma, CA
2005 Monster Show Tiny Gallery, Osaka Japan
  Hearts on Fire Boomerang, Petaluma, CA
  Girls, Girls, Girls Free Mind Media, Santa Rosa, CA
  Wabi Sabi O'Hanlon Center, Mill Valley, CA
  What Comes Next Solo Show Moxie, Santa Rosa, CA
  Open Studios  
  Preview Exhibition SomArts, San Francisco, CA
  SF Open Studios Compound 21, San Francisco, CA
  Skeleton Keys Boomerang, Petaluma, CA
  Post No Bills A St. Gallery, Santa Rosa, CA
2006 Paranormal Paramours Boomerang, Petaluma, CA
  Show Me the Munny Boomerang, Petaluma, CA
  Tags and Things to Tell You - with Todd Barricklow Moxie, Santa Rosa
  SF Open Studios Compound 21, San Francisco , CA


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